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About Us

We design, manufacture and supply fit-for-purpose industrial filtration solutions. We are an original equipment manufacturer.

Finding the right fit for your industrial filtration needs is difficult.

Even after you have analysed your process and decided on the type of filter that is required, you will still be presented with a daunting array of products all claiming to address your needs. We place our hard-earned reputation on the line every time we make a recommendation. So we make extra sure the product that we offer will address your specific industrial filtration needs.

We reduce risk and lifetime costs

Typically, filtration is a small yet critical component of an industrial plant. A malfunction in this critical area can have devastating financial and reputational consequences. That is why we invest our time, energy and expertise upfront to ensure we fully understand your process, before we make a recommendation. Only then do we offer a filter that is fit-for-purpose. The right filter. This way, we reduce your risk, increase your uptime and reduce the lifetime cost of the filter. We are filtration solution experts with over 36 years experience. Simplicity and innovative automation underpin our design philosophy. The result is products that require less oversight and maintenance, reducing the potential impact of human error. We adopt a flexible approach and work with our clients to find the right filter for the application.

Our approach is different

We focus on

Taking a long-term and lifetime costing approach and advising our clients to do the same.

Gaining an in depth understanding of the specific industrial process and the role the filter is required to play within this process.

Making sure the right filter is selected for the specific application.

Why trust us with your industrial filtration needs?

Since founding the company in 1984 Superior Filtration has supplied filtration solutions in more than 36 countries on 6 continents. We adapt and customise to provide the right filter across a wide range of industries.

A few of the key industries where we are trusted to provide the right filter include:

Mineral Processing


Oil & Gas


Potable Water & Sewage Wastewater

Other Industries

Service & Accountability

The filters and the filtration solutions we provide continue to be our concern long after delivery and installation. Building long-term relationships with clients and taking a lifetime view of the service our products deliver is the philosophy and practice upon which our business is built.

Our management team

Peter Walker

Managing Director and Design Engineer

An expert in filtration with 34+ years’ experience in industrial filtration. Peter has designed, modified and continuously improved 5 original filter types.

Laurence Sachs

Technical Manager

With 8+ years’ experience Laurence has a keen understanding of hands-on-design & manufacturing methods; analysis of water pumping systems & the LEAN manufacturing system & continuous improvement philosophies.

Albert Bam

Business Development

With 13+ years’ experience, Albert has gained an in-depth knowledge of the range of products and the applications that are best suited to a client’s specific needs.

Tony Stocker

UK Partner

With 34 years in industrial filtration, globally, Tony has developed the unique skill of diagnosing filtration problems and finding appropriate solutions.