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AGF Autonomous Gravity Filters

Our products contain purpose-built automation innovations which have been designed to require low-to-no management or maintenance.

Our AGF Autonomous Gravity Sand Filter is a mechanical rapid gravity sand filter. It is a polishing filter used for the removal of fine suspended solids from water. It requires no external control system or electrical supply and the backwash cycle initiation occurs autonomously and is driven entirely by built-in hydraulic design features. Operator intervention is limited to periodic maintenance inspections.


The AGF is commonly installed as polishing filters to remove unsettled flocculant and other suspended solids. Its applications include the following:


  • Polishing filter on potable water treatment plants where mixing, flocculation and sedimentation stages typically precede the AGF installation
  • Removal of precipitate in iron and manganese removal processes.
  • Side-stream filters on cooling systems

KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filters are used extensively in all industries where water forms part of the process and where macro- and micro-particles need to be removed from suspension. These include:

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    Autonomous Gravity Filters