Final Filtration, Treated Effluent, Brewery – Sedibeng

GiroSand Moving Bed Sand Filter

Client: Heineken / Waterleau
Industry: Industrial Process Water – Brewing & Distilling
Region: Gauteng, South Africa
Product: MBF50D, 4 units, 50m³/h per unit @ 9m/h
Installation Date: 2009


  • In 2009 Heineken and Diageo completed construction of a new 3 million hectolitre brewery in Sedibeng, South Africa.
  • Waterleau has a long track record in brewery wastewater treatment. They have built more than 40 treatment plants for Heineken.
  • At Sedibeng, Waterleau was again the chosen technology partner for wastewater treatment.
  • The main train plant consists of two LUCAS® anaerobic UASB reactors followed by a LUCAS® cyclic activated sludge system.
  • The effluent from the treatment plants need to pass through a final filtration process to ensure compliance with discharge standards.


  • Final Filtration / Treated effluent discharge (brewery).


  • Moving Bed Sand Filters are ideally suited to the filtration of treated effluent from industrial production plants.
  • In Superior Filtration, Waterleau found a local OEM with an international footprint and (at the time) a 25-year track record. GiroSand filters fulfilled the requirements set by plant design engineers.
  • Easy Installation:
    • Minimum civil works on site.
    • Fabrication under tightly controlled factory conditions.
    • Limited on-site mechanical assembly required.
  • High efficiency:
    • Continuous, up-flow filtration ensure that the filter bed provides optimal filtration at all times.
    • Continuous reject stream is easy to manage.
    • No shut-down for backwash.
    • No external source of wash- / rinse water required.
  • Low Maintenance Costs:
    • No moving or rotating components.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • Easy access to airlift assembly.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • High reliability:
    • No moving or rotating components.
    • Filters operate consistently over long periods of time.
  • They installed 4 x MBF50D GiroSand Moving Bed Sand Filters processing +/- 200m³/h @ 9m/h.


  • Since commissioning the MBF50D filters have consistently produced high quality filtrate – reducing the suspended solids load and turbidity in the treated effluent and ensuring compliance with discharge standards.