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Gravity Screen Filters

Our products contain purpose-built automation innovations which have been designed to require low-to-no management or maintenance.

Our GraviFilter is a highly efficient gravity (non-pressurised) screen filter with an integral, continuous cleaning mechanism (self-cleaning). It is used for the removal of suspended solids from water. It is effective in the removal of soft, fibrous and organic solids and it operates efficiently in process systems with higher solids loads. GraviFilter offers extended flow intervals with limited operator intervention.


The GraviFilter is installed in process lines to remove macro- and micro-solids from suspension, specifically where there is a higher solids load and where the solids are soft, organic or fibrous. GraviFilter applications include the following:


  1. Pre-Filtration:
    • For membrane separation processes
    • For treatment processes on potable water- and sewage-wastewater plants
    • For treatment processes on industrial process water plants
  2. Final Filtration
    • To protect water spray systems or equipment
      • Water Spray Systems
        • Dust suppression
        • Irrigation
        • Filter presses
      • Equipment Protection
        • Pump glands (gland service water)
        • Measuring and Metering equipment
        • Heat exchangers
      • Removal of solids from water for general purpose plant re-use

The GraviFilter is used extensively in all industries where water forms part of the process and where macro- and micro-particles needs to be removed from suspension. These include:


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