Impala Platinum Mine – Blocked Floatation Cell Nozzles


Kleerflo: Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Client: Impala Platinum Mine
Industry: Mining and Processing
Region: North West Province of South Africa
Product: 1 x Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter


  • Impala Platinum Mine, a nine-shaft mining complex with concentrating and smelting plants, produces around 800,000 ounces of platinum per year.
  • Efficient and sustainable mineral recovery requires effective flotation solutions that reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and enable higher recovery and throughput, which lead to major improvements in operational performance.
  • Previously operating without a filtration solution, the spray nozzles on the flotation cells at the Concentrator Plant were continuously becoming blocked, resulting in daily downtime and additional labour costs.


  • A Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter was installed at the Impala Concentrator Plant in the beginning of 2023.


  • Kleerflo Filters are pressurised, automatic, selfcleaning filters installed in process lines to prevent nozzles from becoming blocked.
  • Factors taken into consideration:
    • Kleerflo filters have a unique design that ensures a continuous flow to prevent blockages, resulting in virtually zero downtime.
    • Automatic backwash function requiring no human inputs, no backwash pumps, and no external controls.
    • Low maintenance, robust performance and proven reliability thanks to no rotating parts or close tolerance elements, very few moving parts and no electric motor.
    • A strong, positive backwash action that ensures thorough cleaning of the stainlesssteel screens that never need to be replaced.
    • Almost Zero energy consumption.


  • By preventing the spray nozzles from becoming blocked, the Kleerflo filtration system at the Concentrator Plant has reduced daily downtime and interruptions to almost zero.
  • By eliminating the need for continuously and manually cleaning the nozzles, labour costs have been reduced.
  • Thanks to the high in-service time, coupled with low maintenance and low operational costs, substantial cost savings have been achieved and the efficiency of the flotation cells have
    been optimised.