Final Filtration, Sewage Wastewater, Wastewater Treatment Plant – Cape Town

Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Client: City of Cape Town
Industry: Sewage Wastewater
Region: Western Cape, South Africa
Product: Kleerflo (various models)
Installation Date: From 2008, Ongoing


  • The City of Cape Town operates 19 Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plants. At some plants they re-use final treated effluent.
  • Applications include spray water on the dewatering presses, irrigation water for agriculture and recreational facilities, process water for industrial clients and polymer make-up water.
  • The final treated effluent contains suspended solids that can block downstream spray nozzles or that are in excess of industrial/agricultural client acceptance standards.
  • The City required efficient, in-line filtration that would deliver compliant, uninterrupted water supply to their own processes and to their customers
  • Maintenance and downtime needed to be at a minimum.


  • Final Filtration / Spray nozzle protection
  • Final Filtration / Industrial re-use.


  • Design of the Kleerflo filter is rooted in the principle of inherent simplicity:
    • no rotating parts – very few moving parts
    • no close tolerance elements – no electric motor
    • high quality, durable, stainless steel wedgewire screens.
  • Kleerflo filters are designed specifically for tough industrial applications.
  • On trial 24/7/365 for more than 3 decades and still standing tall.
  • Low maintenance- and running costs.
  • Long uninterrupted filter runs, efficient filtration and filtrate in compliance with client acceptance standards.
  • Integral processing of oversized particles – so no manual pre-screens required.
  • Since 2008 the City has installed Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning filters at 9 of their plants where they re-use treated effluent.
  • At Athlone Wastewater Treatment Plant the City installed 3 x Kleerflo model CS5E3 primary filters with 500µm screens and 3 x Kleerflo model CS3E3 secondary filters with 130µm screens.
  • Total peak flow – 1800m³/h.


  • The Kleerflo filters have provided consistent and reliable filtration.
  • Filtrate is supplied in compliance with suspended solids acceptance standards set by clients.
  • Kleerflo filters are now specified in preference to disk filters