Final Filtration, Gland Service Water, Platinum Mine

– Steelpoort

Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Client: African Rainbow Minerals
Industry: Mining
Region: Mpumalanga, South Africa
Product: CS5E2, 2 units
Installation Date: 2007


  • Mines recycle process water and use some of it for Gland Service Water (GSW).
  • The recycled process water may have high suspended solids levels.
  • The suspended solids cause damage to equipment.
  • Specifically, dirty GSW will reduce the life of the slurry pump stuffing box components and gland packing.
  • The mine required an automatic, self-cleaning filter that would provide an uninterrupted supply of service water.
  • The requirement was for a filter that would be fit-for-purpose in the tough, uncompromising mining environment.


  • Final Filtration / Gland Service Water (removal of solids to protect slurry pumps).


  • Design of the Kleerflo filter is rooted in the principle of inherent simplicity:
    • no rotating parts
    • very few moving parts – no close tolerance elements
    • no electric motor
    • high quality, durable, stainless steel wedgewire screens
  • Kleerflo filters are designed specifically for tough industrial applications.
  • On trial 24/7/365 for more than 3 decades and still standing tall.
  • Low maintenance- and running costs.
  • Long uninterrupted filter runs, efficient filtration and filtrate in compliance with client acceptance standards.
  • Integral processing of oversized particles – so no manual pre-screens required.
  • The Mine installed 2 x Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters, model CS5E2, to remove suspended solids.


  • The efficient filtration resulted in reduced wear and tear on the gland and shaft seals, reducing maintenance costs

  • In 2019 the mine again decided on Kleerflo when they needed an automatic self-cleaning filter for a new application (model CS4E2).