Self-Cleaning Suction Strainer


KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filters are in-line, pressurised, automatic self-cleaning filters. They are designed for installation on the suction side of pumps to minimise the impact of the filter on the supply of water to the pump. They are used for the removal of suspended solids from water. They offer continuous flow and a strong, positive backwash action that ensures thorough cleaning of the screens.

KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filters have a unique design with no rotating parts or close tolerance elements, very few moving parts and no electric motor that ensures robust performance, proven reliability and low maintenance.


KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filter applications include the following:

  1. Pre-Filtration:
    • For membrane separation processes
    • For treatment processes on potable water- and sewage wastewater plants
    • For treatment processes on industrial process water plants
  2. Final Filtration
    • To protect water spray systems or equipment
      • Water Spray Systems
        • Dust suppression
        • Irrigation
        • Filter presses
      • Equipment Protection
        • Pump glands (gland service water)
        • Measuring and metering equipment
        • Heat exchangers
      • Removal of solids from water for general purpose plant re-use


KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filters are used extensively in all industries where water forms part of the process and where macro- and micro-particles need to be removed from suspension. These include:

  • Industrial Process Water
    • Agricultural and Horticultural
    • Automotive
    • Brewing & Distilling
    • Food & Agri Processing
    • Nuclear
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Power Generation
    • Quarrying
    • Rubber Processing
    • Textiles

How it Works

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The design of the KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filter ensures that flow to the supply side of the pump is consistent, even during the cleaning (backwashing) cycle of the pods.

The KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filter is specifically designed for use on the suction side of pumps to have minimal impact on the supply of water to the pump.

Maintenance on KFS Self-Cleaning Suction Filters is easy. The pods do not have to be removed from the line for service. Access to the screens is allowed by removing the backwash cover plate. No heavy lifting equipment is required, and maintenance staff can be kept to a minimum.



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