Our filters belong to us – Forever!

By that I mean that we remain invested in the performance of our filters after the sales process is completed. This is made easier because of our approach to design, specifying and selling filters.    

1.  Our approach

We are different. We invest our time and energy. We draw on our expertise. We ensure that we fully understand your process before we make a recommendation. Only then do we offer a filter that is fit-for-purpose. The right filter.

Our insistence on finding the right filter for each process has proven successful. Over the past 35 years we supplied our filters to more than 30 countries across 6 continents.

2.  Perpetual motion? Not quite.

It takes a little bit of time to wrap your head around the operating principles of our AGF Autonomous Gravity Sand Filters. Once you do, you realize that these inherently simplistic mechanical rapid gravity sand filters provide a highly reliable, efficient gravity sand filtration option. Only two prerequisites. Water supply to the filter:

  • must be regulated so as not to exceed the prescribed flow rate
  • must be supplied at the prescribed head

Once the above two requirements are met, no further energy input, control or interventions are required. The filter cycles autonomously between filtration and backwash modes.

Want to know more? Review the product brochure and case studies – or contact us.

3.  Current affairs

AGF Autonomous Gravity Sand filters were recently serviced at Alice Potable Water Treatment Plant (7MLD).  This is a video of the backwash sequence.

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Thank You and Regards,
Albert Bam and the Superior Filtration team