Superior Filtration: New Identity, 35 Year Pedigree

Who are we?
Scratching your head about who we are? – we accept full responsibility. We will do a better job of keeping in touch. You can see what we do and how we go about our business – about us.

The right filter for the job at hand
Finding the right fit for your industrial filtration needs can be difficult. Even after you have analyzed your process and decided on the type of filter that is required, you will still be presented with a daunting array of products all claiming to address your needs. We share our thoughts on the importance of finding the right filter.

Current affairs
See where Kleerflo Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters were recently commissioned at a wastewater treatment plant in Cape Town.
Another Kleerflo Filter (fabricated in Super Duplex) has just been completed for installation on an FPSO barge. The application is pre-filtration for electrochlorination. Make contact if you would like more information.

The simple shuttle action of Kleerflo Filters ensures high reliability and low downtime.

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